Monday, March 29, 2010

Spontaneous reactions!

The project wasn't difficult to do but understanding English was hard. Drawing the animal was easy whereas the laying out the typography was more difficult. We had to draw a lot of dots in the lettering.

I liked the two days of the project even though we had to work a lot, be really serious and calm! In the overall, it was really cool. The two artists were nice with us: they didn't look like teachers but more like friends. At the beginning, I didn't think the result would be so good but the final project is nice. I am very amazed.


The project took place during two days on Monday 22nd and on Tuesday 23rd of March. To begin with, I was wondering how it was going to be. I was wondering if the artists would explain well or not. The subject was very abstract to me. What were we able to do around such a theme? I had a good surprise when we started the workshop, I realised that we would be helped. Pete and Alex explained everything very well. Alex spoke more quickly than Pete so I understood Pete better. We had to work a lot and with precision but at the end I was very happy because my drawing was very precise and meticulous. I did my drawing again and again and sometimes I was a little discouraged but once I finished I didn't regret any minute of it. These two days were like a journey in a world of tea chests and we were absolutely occupied by this activity. It was difficult to start our usual life again.


This project was difficult because it was sunny and it was hot outside. I was not easy to write the letters with the perfect design. I enjoyed the project because the artists were kind : they helped the pupils who needed help. It was long but at the end of the project I was happy of my work. Everybody chatted but finished on time. Now I have the feeling I understand better and I have learnt a new technique in art.


To me , this artistic project was easy except when Alex and Pete gave us the instructions for my drawing. On the whole, the class succeeded in understanding the two artists and that was great.

I really liked the work between us and the artists. That was a unique experience. I think that the artists liked working with us.

Now I have a new vision on this project, the organisation and its importance for the 19th district, in particular during Tuesday's opening of last year's pieces of art at the town hall. Besides, I have a new idea about the English accent.

Max E.

Those two days were just amazing! We spent the whole time working and speaking (in English of course!) about the artistic project. The artists were great, they helped us a lot. In fact, we couldn't do anything without them checking our work. They said our designs were perfect! I don' t know if it was really true but that made us feel proud and useful.

But the whole project was difficult. At first, we didn't know that we were going to work on animals, but I think nobody regrets it. On the contrary! It was an original idea. We really had to work harder and harder every day to finish the design and make it look good. Actually, we did so and everybody was satisfied. I'm lucky to have done this project because it was very interesting. I think this is a good experience for us! I guess because of these two days some pupils are stronger in English and could be more confident. Thanks to the artists Alex and Peter, our teachers and everyone who made this project possible. I think I can tell that we're all grateful!


This project was difficult because the artists spoke very quickly so I didn't understand everything. On top of that, we had to be precise and very patient because if we made a mistake we had to do it again.

Even if it was difficult, we did a beautiful project. I realized that I was lucky and that 3 million people would have a look at it along the River Thames! So we were asked to do an exceptional project that only happens once in a life time!

This project enabled me to learn new words in English. Now I have another vision of art too. If I were to do it again, I would with pleasure.


This project was difficult because I don't draw very well but the artists helped me.

I liked this project and yet I don't know how to draw! But I am proud of my work. I am lucky because 3 million people will see this project!


We draw during two days. I didn't find it difficult to do because I love drawing. The only problem was if we made a mistake because we had to start it again.

It was a great experience and I am aware that there are only a happy few. It was not the same than in our classes because the artists didn't speak French. It required English only. The artists were very nice.

At first, I didn't see what it was going to be like but after the laying out was done, it showed a beautiful piece of art. (Even if it is not totally finished yet!)


This project was very difficult because the artists wanted a perfect work and we had to do it again and again. It was very disheartening. It was very long and hard. It wasn't also easy to choose which animal to draw. But I finally found my animal. We didn't always agree with the artists but as 3 million people are going to see our work it had to be perfect.

It was great because the artists were friendly and encouraging. This project was fantastic. Spending two days drawing was exciting. The artists were pleased about us. I will miss them. We were very happy to be chosen for this project.

I am not a good drawer but now I am more self-confident and I have the feeling I have improved my English because I have spoken with the artists. Besides, I helped my friends who didn't understand. The artists are my first English friends.


At first, we had to draw. It was difficult because we had to understand very quickly. We had to start over again and again for our drawings to be perfect so we were tired.

I think that the project was a very interesting idea. I learned many things in English and art during these two days.

I Have understood that perfection requires to do things over and over and it also requires concentration. It was a very good experience.


It was difficult because drawing requires a lot of precision. The artists were demanding. The problem was that I don't speak English very well.

It was a great and interesting experience with nice people. I think our piece of art will be the most beautiful in the festival! We had to do an excellent work, there is nothing ordinary in it!

These two days allowed me to improve my English because I spoke with Pete and Alex. I also improved my drawing.


This project was easy except when we had to speak in English with the two artists. It was the first time that I've had that experience . When the two artists spoke I didn't understand a lot, luckily there were pupils who volunteered as translators in the group when it was too difficult.

I drew the head of a horse and the tail of a fish. It was fun. I am not really talented in art but now that I have met Pete and Alex I think I am better at drawing! This project was interesting but I learnt about art.


I didn't manage to understand the artists but I really liked them because they were nice. They helped when we needed help.


During the project I think that the most difficult thing was to work fast and at the same to remain concentrated. We had to be precise and meticulous all day long and it was difficult for us to listen carefully when we are all together making something fun.

Although it was a little bit difficult, we had a lot of fun: the artists were so nice! Moreover, I think it was a unique opportunity to work with English artists for two days.

I had never thought that we could have had such a good result at the beginning but by getting together our talent we did a really great job.


It was difficult because we had to start again and again until our drawing was perfect. It had to be a very precise work. Indeed, 3 million people will go and see our drawing in London so it was worth working hard.

During these two days I was happy because I like drawing and on top of that we were all together all day long. At the end of the project I was very proud of our work and impatient to see the final draft. I didn't know I could do such a precise and beautiful work. I think it is going to be more impressive once it is finished (indeed it will be 2 meters high).

Working with the artists was a privilege and it will enable us to improve our English. I really took advantage of this project!


A few things were difficult like drawing with our left hand or cutting the letters very precisely and laying them out.

Actually, the workshop was very interesting because I never worked with English artists. They were very clever and nice. I think it was a very good experience and I will do it if I can. The class was very quiet the first day and noisier and noisier the second day because there was a good atmosphere. All the pupils produced a nice work so this is a team work.

I have now an idea of what the English accent is. I also know what it is like working in English all day long. I am more self-confident because I spoke in English. I spoke with the artists and they explained me how to improve my drawings. So now I can improve in art!


The artists Pete and Alex spoke English very fast so I didn't understand all the things they said. When I didn't know what they had said I didn't know what to answer. It was hard to do a perfect drawing, I started again and again.

The days were short and I had the feeling we would not finish the board. I thought that all the drawings were fantastic. We all did a meticulous work and the result was worth it.

I think that the project enabled me to speak English. As for art, I am now more patient. I think I can do thinks again and again for my drawing to be perfect.


It was very difficult because there was a lot of meticulous work to do. When eveybody finished we had a look at the final project and it was very beautiful and original. We were not used to working like that. It was very motivating: we didn't stop drawing for two days.


It was difficult to speak in English with Pete and Alex. Drawing was difficult too. I think I have improved my English thanks to the artists though.

I really liked this project. Pete and Alex were very nice. I hope they had fun just like we did.

Mohamed It was difficult because I had to speak English and I am not gifted! The project was difficult but I understood and our work is great.


This project was very interesting but it is a job that demands a painstaking attention. There were a lot of little things to do in every step of the project.

I like the design we did because it's beautiful and great. Alex and Pete are very nice. This project unique.

Now I feel like going to England to discover London and our work!


Those two days were difficult but cool. It was hard to draw and design good things. If you (Mrs Létant) weren't here, I would have stopped the first morning! I have understood how to work: I have to do my work again and again for it to be perfect. I would like to thank for all that. I was hard to speak English all the time but it was a very good experience.

Max A

The work was hard but fun and serious too. It was also exhausting because we had to start things over again and again to get a good result.

It was an excellent experience and I learned a lot of things. I was really interested in this project.