Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do you really know Paris and London?

Today, we have learnt a lot of new things about London and Paris.
We would like to share them with you.
First of all, did you know the name of the River Thames was Celtic?
Have a guess! Was it Thamesis, Tamesas or Themeses? Lost! It was Tamesas.
As for the River Seine, it doesn’t come from a Celtic name but from a Latin name: Sequana.
The River Seine is much longer than the River Thames: it is 776 km long whereas the River Thames is 346 km long.
Contrary to our river, yours is a tidal river.
Indeed, one century ago, there was a great flood, so works were done to stop the floods.
Do you know where there are more bridges London or Paris? Paris of course with 37 bridges over the river!
Yet, There are more inhabitants in London than in Paris (7,517,700 against 2, 142 800).
Have you noticed that the districts in Paris follow the shape of a snail? It starts with the first district in the centre and it goes on until it reaches the twentieth.
If London has huge parks, Paris has a lot of smaller ones, gardens and woods (about 15 against 8 in London).
We hope you have learnt new things about London and Paris.